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Law Office of Rebecca Medina - The Differences Between Mandatory and Private Mediation in California

The Differences Between Mandatory & Private Mediation

Whether ending your marriage was your choice or not, whether your relationship with your ex remains amicable or turns contentious, and whether or not the divorce is burdening you with significant financial strain, the mixed emotions that divorce involves are tough to process and to experience.

Divorce mediation in California

Information to Gather Before Divorce Mediation

It is important to remember that even though the divorce mediation process takes place in an informal setting out of court,the mediation agreement that results from these negotiation sessions is filed with the court and is approved by a judge.

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - Three Types of Mediation

Three Types of Mediation

Electing to negotiate the terms of your divorce through mediation can be a smart decision with many benefits. Not only are you more likely to reach a settlement quickly, but you and your spouse are less likely to waste money on contentious litigation – and less likely to end up frustrated and angry with the outcome.

Rebecca Medina

What to Consider When Choosing a Mediator

If you and your spouse have decided on divorce and are looking for an alternative way to resolve your dispute, mediation may be your best option for moving forward. In divorce mediation, you and your spouse will negotiate the details of your divorce with the assistance of a neutral third party.

Divorce and Work
During Divorce

How To Deal With Stress as You Go Through Divorce Mediation

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you may ever experience. Your feelings throughout the divorce process are undoubtedly complicated—you might feel any combination of grief, fear, uncertainty, relief, freedom, excitement, and many other complex emotions at a given time.


What Happens When Mediation Fails?

In mediation, the goal is to arrive at a mutual agreement and determine the terms of the divorce through open communication and compromise. When an agreement is reached through mediation, both parties can save money and time that would otherwise have been wasted in the traditional court litigation model. That’s why for many people seeking a divorce, mediation is the best option.

Can you Divorce Out of Court in Fresno, CA - Law Office of Rebecca Medina

Can You Divorce Out of Court in Fresno or San Diego, CA?

Overall, divorce rates are falling across the U.S. (although California’s is about 10 percent above the national average), but if you and your spouse have decided to end the marital relationship, one of your first decisions will be what is the best process to choose how to divorce.


How to Make Mediation Work for You

Many couples wonder if mediation is the best path to take when getting a divorce. Although mediation can potentially save you time and money, there are a variety of factors to consider when deciding if mediation is right for you.

CA Mediator or Divorce Lawyer, Who is Best for You - Law Office of Rebecca Medina

CA Divorce Mediator or CA Divorce Lawyer, Who is Best for You?

Chances are, when you decided to get married, you followed your heart. But if your marriage is ending, you will have to make decisions based less on feelings and more on facts and practicality.

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