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Modification of Family Law Order

Family Law - Rebecca M. Medina

When Circumstances Change After a Family Law Order is Issued, Contact Rebecca Medina

More often than not, family circumstances do not remain the same after a family law order is issued. To continue to best serve the needs of the parents and children, family law orders may need to be changed or modified when new situations present themselves.

Custody, visitation and support orders can be modified if the circumstances change. For instance, incomes can increase or decrease, which would lead to a different amount of support being due. One party may lose their job. A custody or visitation order may not be working as intended. One party may wish to relocate a distance away with the child, which would greatly impact the child’s relationship with the other parent.

As life changes, existing court orders may have to be modified to take into account the new circumstances. Rebecca will assist clients in obtaining modifications.

Adjusting family law orders in California requires the expertise of a highly competent attorney who specializes in order modification. Rebecca Medina has a track record of success in garnering a positive resolution for her clients, and can provide you with effective legal counsel in your case. Contact Attorney Medina now for a consultation to review your case and begin developing a sound modification strategy.

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