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When it comes to spousal support and alimony, there are a host of legal hoops to jump through and different ways to structure the agreement. When negotiating this essential part of a divorce or ongoing proceedings, you need an attorney who can help you achieve the best outcome for your circumstances.

Temporary Alimony

Sometimes, the court will set up a temporary alimony order to preserve the financial status quo while the divorce proceeds. This order should be negotiated by an alimony attorney who can ensure the agreement meets your needs through this difficult financial transition.

Permanent Alimony

Once your divorce is settled, your temporary spousal support order may become permanent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the support can’t change or that it goes on indefinitely. California courts consider a lot of different factors when deciding what amounts to award, to which spouse, and for how long.

Whether you’ll be receiving or paying alimony, you need a lawyer who understands the legal nuances involved, is familiar with California family law, and can advocate for your best financial outcome.

Do You Need Spousal Support?

Spousal support is meant to help a lower-earning spouse gain financial independence and restructure their financial life after a divorce. Alimony payments can help you maintain the resources you need to maintain a household, care for dependents, and meet financial obligations moving forward.

Will You Be Paying Support?

If you earn more than your spouse, you may be asked to pay alimony. In this situation, a qualified alimony lawyer can protect you from having to make unreasonable payments. Rebecca Medina can help you negotiate an alimony settlement that works for you, and won’t hinder your own financial recovery.

Let’s Discuss Your Case

Having worked with clients throughout Fresno and San Diego and California’s Central Valley on both sides of this issue, Rebecca Medina is qualified to help you resolve your situation in a way that fits your life. Whether you’re setting up an initial agreement or requesting changes, you have rights. Call Rebecca Medina today at 559-324-5427 to discuss your case and get the help you need.

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