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Paternity Actions

Paternity Action - Rebecca M. Medina

Fresno and San Diego Paternity Lawyer

Paternity is the process by which a man is legally identified as a child’s father. For the purposes of child support and other legal rights, it’s important to hire a paternity lawyer who can help you navigate this complicated legal and emotional issue. Rebecca Medina is an attorney specializing in paternity law in California’s Central Valley, and can advise you on how best to handle your situation.

For Mothers

For children not born to a married couple, paternity may need to be established through the court system. Establishing paternity entitles both you and your child to certain rights, such as child support and other benefits.

Whether it’s a simple Declaration of Paternity or a more complicated court proceeding, you need a paternity attorney in Fresno or San Diego who is qualified to guide you through the process. Sometimes, a father does not believe in or embrace his paternal responsibilities. Rebecca Medina can help you use the legal system to compel the father to submit to paternity testing. She can also help you negotiate and obtain the benefits you and your child are entitled to receive.

For Fathers

When you want legal rights to your child, establishing paternity is an essential part of the process. With a paternity lawyer like Rebecca Medina on your side, you can claim your legal rights to help make decisions about how to raise and care for your child. She can also help you gain the legal backing you need to spend time with your son or daughter, and give them the financial and other support they need.

If circumstances have led you to support a child who you believe may not be biologically yours, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Rebecca Medina can help you access DNA testing and get the answers you need to free you from responsibilities that are not legally yours.

Get the Help You Need

Proving – or disproving – the paternity of a child can be a difficult process, fraught with emotional stress on every side. As an experienced paternity lawyer in Fresno and San Diego, Rebecca Medina is equipped to help you obtain evidence and handle court proceedings with sensitivity. Her empathy and familiarity with California paternity law make her well suited for the job.

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