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What Is Mediation?

Many couples that are beginning the divorce process may feel that they are in need of an alternative to traditional litigious divorce proceedings. These couples may include those who are amicable, those who wish to handle their matter in more a cost effective way, or those who wish to have their issues heard by a neutral third party.

Mediation is alternative to litigation for couples seeking a divorce. When a couple decides that they want to resolve their divorce matter through mediation, they will schedule an appointment with a mediator who will act a neutral third party and facilitate discussion between the parties to resolve their issues.

The goal of mediation is to come to compromises that will benefit both parties and their family, while litigation aims to decide a winner for each issue.

During mediation sessions, the mediator will aim to do the following:

  • Creating a comfortable environment for the discussion;
  • Helping the parties define exactly what they are disputing;
  • Making sure the discussion stays on track;
  • Assisting the parties to identify and communicate their priorities and concerns; and
  • Supporting the parties in reaching an agreement.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Mediation has many benefits including the following:
  • Allows for more control over the agreements reached
  • Fosters a collaborative relationship between the parties seeking a divorce
  • Save money that would have been used in family law litigation

Rebecca Medina is a trained mediator in Fresno and San Diego California who can assist couples who wish to resolve their matter using mediation.

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