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Seven Reasons to Choose Mediation in Divorce

If you’ve decided to get a divorce, the traditional court litigation model is not your only option. There are a variety of different alternative dispute resolution options that allow you to handle your divorce out of court and in a more cooperative and dignified manner.

CA Pre-Mediation Meeting - Law Office of Rebecca Medina

Fresno or San Diego Pre-mediation Meeting

If you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse have agreed to a mediated divorce, you have chosen to negotiate terms that are mutually agreeable and, in the long term, more sustainable. Mediation is a process.


How Can I Propose Mediation to My Spouse?

It almost goes without saying, if you and your spouse have recently decided to get a divorce, you’re probably not on the best terms. But just because you’re arguing a lot or are having difficulty communicating doesn’t mean mediation isn’t an option for your divorce.


LGBT Divorce Mediation in Fresno & San Diego

Since becoming equally available to all couples; thousands of same-sex couples in California have wed, enjoying the same legal protections, privileges, and benefits afforded to …

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Appear to Prefer Amicable Divorce

We’ve seen a trend in divorces today getting resolved out of court, with spouses engaging in alternative means to sort out issues. Learn more in this post.


Understanding the Rules of Mediation

Like all forms of divorce, mediation comes with its own set of rules and guidelines. At the beginning of the process, you can expect your mediator to explain how mediation works and review a set of ground rules you and your spouse will be expected to follow.

Collaborative divorce and business owners
Business Owners

Collaborative Divorce/Mediation and Business Owners

When facing the possibility of a divorce, many business owners are often concerned that this major life event will hurt their financial well-being. Will the …

Spouse Not Cooperating
During Divorce

What Should I Do if My Spouse Is Not Cooperating During Mediation?

Divorce mediation works best if both parties are equally invested in achieving an agreement outside of the courtroom. This requires some degree of cooperation on the part of each spouse. However, in some cases, this cooperation is hard to come by, especially if there has been a significant breakdown in communication and one spouse simply refuses to be cordial with the other.
Divorce mediators are highly skilled at creating a positive environment for constructive discussions and guiding people toward agreements, even in difficult situations. You should do everything you can to make a good faith effort at communicating with your spouse. Both of you should focus on your children first and foremost, and remain civil.
However, in some cases, you might simply need to abandon the mediation process and head to the courtroom. Here are a few examples of such situations.

Collaborative Divorce

How to Prepare to Discuss a Parenting Plan in Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative form of divorce that uses a third-party mediator to work out various aspects of the divorce, such as the division of property and parenting plans. Because mediators are professionals whose job is to help people reach agreements through cooperation and compromise, the mediation process tends to be less contentious than traditional divorce.

Prenuptial Agreement
Collaborative Divorce

How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Be a Smart Move If Divorce Should Arise 

With all the positive emotions leading up to Marriage or a Domestic Partnership, the notion of a Prenuptial Agreement can be an incredibly delicate and …

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