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Spouse Not Cooperating

When Divorce Mediation is a Bad Idea

Although mediators are trained professionals, they are not intended to be used in every situation. In certain cases, it’s in the best interests of both parties to hire a lawyer and pursue a traditional divorce.

Consulting Attorney and Mediation
Collaborative Divorce

Using a Consulting Attorney in a Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a valuable process for resolving disputes, especially in family-related matters. In mediation, a neutral mediator helps the parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. …

Advantages To Mediation

Why More Couples are Preferring Mediation in Child Custody Cases

California law requires divorcing parents to engage in mediation to settle child custody matters before they can file a petition with the court. If parents can’t agree on child custody arrangements, a California court decides. Instead of leaving decisions about your children’s future in the hands of a judge, mediation gives you more control over your children’s futures.

Family Lawyer in Fresno and San Diego, CA

How Mediation Builds A Stronger Foundation for Co-Parenting

These days many people are choosing mediation instead of a traditional divorce, not only because it’s faster and cheaper, but also because it tends to be less stressful on the kids. Since mediation is conducted in private and encourages teamwork and cooperation among spouses, kids are not exposed to the same contentious court battles that can occur in traditional divorce.

co-parenting and divorce mediation
During Divorce

Improving Co-Parenting Through The Mediation Divorce Process

Divorce or separation can be a challenging time for families and moving from a married relationship to a co-parenting relationship.   Mediation offers several advantages over …


What is the Divorce Mediation Process Like?

Mediation is a type of alternate dispute resolution that can help couples avoid contentious litigation. It allows the parties to have more control over the process, allowing for creative and customized solutions tailored to their unique needs. Divorce mediation is conducted by a trained neutral professional, called a mediator, who facilitates discussions between the couple seeking a divorce.

Couple's Therapy

Three Reasons to Consider Post-Divorce Mediation in Fresno & San Diego

Whether your divorce was a relatively amicable process or a harrowing and contentious ordeal, signing those final papers signifies closing one chapter of life and opening a new one.

Getting divorced without going to court

How to Stay Out of Court While Getting Divorced

There are several ways to obtain a divorce without ever going to court. Your particular route will depend on the circumstances of your divorce, your relationship with your spouse, and how many issues are in dispute.

Getting divorced without going to court

Negotiating Alimony or Spousal Support Through Fresno or San Diego Mediation

Whether you are set to receive or owe spousal support payments, working cooperatively with your ex and a mediator may help you arrive at an agreement more easily, rather than becoming mired in a lengthy, emotional, and costly legal battle.

How much does divorce cost in California

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

The cost of an average California divorce is the highest in the country. California has some of the highest court filing fees, attorney’s fees, and other costs in the US.

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