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Information to Gather Before Divorce Mediation


Documents that would normally be exchanged during litigation are also exchanged in a divorce mediation setting.

Essentially, parties should obtain anything that would be helpful in creating an equitable divorce agreement.

Prior to any mediation sessions, you will provide this documentation to your Fresno and San Diego mediation attorney and discuss it.

Documents You Should Bring to Divorce Mediation

You should try to provide your Fresno and San Diego mediation attorney with the following documents:

      • Preliminary/Final Declarations of Disclosure
      • Licenses
      • Real estate holdings, including titles and deed information
      • Account statements, including bank accounts held separately and jointly, investment and retirement accounts, and credit card accounts
      • Evidence of any type of debt, including student loans
      • Documents relating to any pensions that you are entitled to, including pensions from prior jobs that have already vested.

Doing Your Homework

Other property in the marital home, such as works of art, may require appraisals.

It is also helpful to itemize your living expenses to get a better understanding of the monthly budget required to maintain your standard of living.

Be Forthright About all Your Assets

Never try to hide assets during the divorce mediation process.

In California, you must disclose all assets and property under penalty of perjury.

If either party has fraudulently hidden assets, the mediation agreement incorporated into the judgment of divorce can be set aside.

It is important to remember that even though the mediation process takes place in an informal setting out of court, the mediation agreement that results from these negotiation sessions is filed with the court and is approved by a judge.

Thus, if either party has acted fraudulently in the process, they are not just lying to the mediator and opposing parties, but also to the court.

Learn More About Divorce Mediation in California

Do you have questions about the mediation process?

Contact Rebecca Medina, Fresno and San Diego mediation attorney at 559-324-5427 in Fresno or 858-285-4315 in San Diego who can provide guidance tailored to your situation.

Rebecca MedinaAbout the Author: Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina is an experienced Family Law attorney, mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer serving the Fresno and San Diego areas. She handles cases ranging from complex divorce matters to child custody, spousal support, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, QDROs and uncontested divorce cases. She was rated “Clients’ Choice” by Avvo.

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