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What’s going on today is stressful and can lead to an increase in anxiety and depression. Throughout recent events, we have not only worried about …

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - Dividing Property in a Fresno Divorce
Family Law

Dividing Property in a Fresno Divorce

In a traditionally litigated California divorce case, the court is tasked with the potentially enormous responsibility of taking a thorough inventory of all property owned by the spouses, classifying each item as community property or separate property and assessing it a monetary value, distributing jointly-owned items evenly (or splitting them when suitable), and confirming individually-owned assets to the appropriate party.

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - Can I Recover the Down Payment I Made on My Home
Family Law

Can I Recover the Down Payment I Made on My Home?

If you are ending your marriage in Fresno or elsewhere in California, you may be wondering if you are entitled to recoup the money you provided for a down payment on your family home.

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - What is Parallel Parenting
Family Law

What is Parallel Parenting?

The main principle of parallel parenting is that each parent maintains an active and healthy one-on-one relationship with their child while interacting with his or her ex as little as possible.

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - What is Community Property in CA
Family Law

What is Community Property in CA?

When it comes to asset division during divorce, California follows the community property principle which states that any property or debts acquired by one or both partners over the course of a marriage is automatically considered jointly and equally owned by the couple as a single entity

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