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How To Deal With Stress as You Go Through Divorce Mediation


Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you may ever experience.

Your feelings throughout the divorce process are undoubtedly complicated—you might feel any combination of grief, fear, uncertainty, relief, freedom, excitement, and many other complex emotions at a given time.

If you’ve chosen mediation as a means for reaching a divorce settlement, you might be embroiled in a series of tense negotiation sessions and feeling unsure about how everything will turn out.

The stress can get to you after a while, so it’s important to take extra care of your mental and physical health during this time.

Consider the following ways to relieve stress during your divorce mediation:

      • Make time for yourself – Set aside time when you can do things that bring you joy. Whether that’s silencing your phone and other devices and just disconnecting, spending time with your children, reading a book, experiencing art or live performance, or doing other activities that take your mind off the stresses of your divorce, you’ll feel better and more prepared to proceed with a clear head.
      • Get active – Your physical health affects your mental health. Pushing yourself to get regular exercise releases endorphins into your system that will naturally lift your spirits, while allowing your body to feel the accomplishment of completing a workout.
      • Lean on your support system – When you feel comfortable doing so, confiding in loved ones can allow you to unburden yourself of the stresses and emotions your divorce might be causing. Friends and family who you trust to listen without judgment can also provide much-needed perspective and positivity when you need them.
      • Meditation – Deep breathing and other meditative techniques can help you quiet racing thoughts and bring you peace of mind in between stressful mediation sessions. For guided meditation, you can even find useful smartphone apps that instruct you on the most effective practices.
      • Positive self-talk – Think about the saying “speak it into existence.” Sometimes, telling yourself you’ll get through a difficult time or giving yourself credit for the ways in which you’re handling stress gives you the power and strength to persevere. If you are feeling negativity around your divorce, try to instead focus on the aspects that you find hopeful and positive, and remind yourself of those.

Even in mediation, the ability to consult a lawyer you trust can provide stress relief.

Having someone on your side who knows the divorce mediation process, who prepares you for sessions with your ex and the mediator, and who helps you understand what outcomes to expect can ease a lot of your anxieties.

Seek guidance from a qualified divorce attorney throughout mediation

No one should have to go through a divorce alone. At the Law Offices of Rebecca Medina in Fresno, California, we understand how to support clients during all phases of litigation and/or mediation.

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Rebecca MedinaAbout the Author: Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina is an experienced Family Law attorney, mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer serving the Fresno and San Diego areas. She handles cases ranging from complex divorce matters to child custody, spousal support, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, QDROs and uncontested divorce cases. She was rated “Clients’ Choice” by Avvo.

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