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Advantages To Mediation

The Top Six Advantages of Mediation in a Divorce Case

Why mediate your divorce? For parents who are contesting child custody or visitation, mediation is mandatory in California. But even if you are not ordered to attend mediation, you should consider this highly effective process for its many benefits.

Divorce And Business In Fresno, Ca

Common Reasons Mediation Does Not Work

For mediation to be successful, both parties must be willing to work together diligently and honestly to reach important decisions about the divorce. When spouses have trouble communicating (something that is common among divorcing couples), the mediation process can be jeopardized.

Spousal Support
Divorce Mediation

What Should I Know About Waiving Spousal Support in Divorce Mediation

Spousal support is a topic that comes up often in divorces. One spouse might have a need for it and the other spouse might vocalize …

Divorce Mediation

Eight Divorce Mediation Myths Debunked

Mediation is an effective process for reaching an equitable settlement in a divorce. Unfortunately, prevailing myths about mediation can jeopardize its success. Here is the real story behind the myths.

Divorce Mediation

Dividing Marital Property through Mediation

If you choose mediation instead of a traditional divorce, a good mediator can help you work out an arrangement that works for both spouses. However, it’s important you cooperate with the mediator and your spouse in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Premarital Agreement

Using Mediation for Creating a Premarital Agreement

Mediation is an excellent tool for negotiating premarital agreements. A lawyer-mediator with conflict resolution skills can help parties see one another’s point of view and …

Advantages To Mediation

What the Mediation Divorce Process is Like in California for Parents

California encourages couples to engage in mediation to reach an agreement on divorce terms. If you have children, mediation is mandatory before you can take your child custody or visitation disputes to court.

How can you pursue your divorce through mediation? What should you expect out of the process? Understanding the basics of mediation in California can help you feel more confident in the process and its effectiveness to reach an equitable settlement.

Collaborative divorce meeting

Co-Mediation: Building A Perfect Mediating Team

One style of mediation that is not used as frequently is called co-meditation. Co-mediation is almost the same as mediation, except that it makes use of two mediators instead of one. This can be especially helpful in complicated divorces, like when spouses share a business or commercial property that needs to be divided.

Litigation Law
Family Law

Mediation: A Cost-Effective Alternative To Family Law Litigation?

Couples going through a divorce can easily spend anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 or even higher when you hire a divorce lawyer to handle your …

Family Law

3 Reasons Mediation Can Help Your Marriage

Mediation is a common process for reaching a divorce settlement. But, you don’t have to wait until problems reach that point to take advantage of the mediation process. You may benefit from mediation to settle disputes that could save your marriage.

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