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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?


Why should you choose Collaborative Divorce versus going through the court system?  The Collaborative Divorce process offers you and your spouse multiple advantages over the traditional litigation process, which will exacerbate conflict, increase costs, and lead to an unsatisfactory outcome. In contrast, Collaborative Divorce offers a healthier and more structured approach to resolving divorce matters.


Collaborative Divorce provides a structured framework for you to navigate your divorce from start to finish, regardless of the level of conflict between your spouse. It is an excellent option when dealing with more complex issues, such as parenting plans, long-distance parenting, children with special needs, multiple real estate properties, or the involvement of a business.

One significant advantage of the collaborative process is the involvement of neutral professionals, such as financial experts and divorce coaches. These professionals bring specialized knowledge and experience that greatly benefits both you and your spouse. The financial neutral will assist in property division and income sharing, offering short and long-term financial projections that can guide decision-making. The divorce coaches address the emotional aspects of divorce. Emotions play a crucial role in the divorce process, and by addressing these emotions, you can reach more sustainable and less conflict-ridden resolutions.

One key aspect that sets Collaborative Divorce apart is that you and your spouse craft the agreement rather than having a judge dictate the terms. This not only gives you a sense of ownership and investment in the process but also results in a more durable and satisfying agreement. When you actively participate in creating your divorce agreement with the guidance of professionals, you and your spouse are more likely to adhere to the terms and be happier with the outcome.

In summary, when faced with the challenging process of divorce, consider Collaborative Divorce as a constructive and empowering path toward a brighter future.

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Rebecca MedinaAbout the Author: Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina is an experienced Family Law attorney, mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer serving the Fresno and San Diego areas. She handles cases ranging from complex divorce matters to child custody, spousal support, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, QDROs and uncontested divorce cases. She was rated “Clients’ Choice” by Avvo.

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