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The Timeline of Getting a Prenup Before Marriage: A Step-by-Step Guide


Planning a wedding is undoubtedly an exciting time for couples, filled with joy, hope, and anticipation for the future. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, it’s essential not to overlook practical considerations, such as creating a prenuptial agreement (prenup). A prenup can be a valuable tool for safeguarding your assets and ensuring a smooth process in case of unforeseen circumstances. In this blog, we’ll take you through a comprehensive timeline of obtaining a prenup before your wedding day.

Start the Conversation Early (6-12 Months Before the Wedding)


Communication is key in any relationship, especially when discussing sensitive topics like finances and legal agreements. Begin by initiating an open and honest conversation with your partner about the idea of a prenup. Approach the discussion with empathy and understanding, emphasizing that a prenup is not about distrust but rather a practical measure to protect both of your interests in case of the unexpected.

Seek Professional Legal Advice (6-12 Months Before the Wedding)

Once you and your partner have agreed to explore the possibility of a prenup, it’s time to consult with a family law attorney experienced in drafting prenuptial agreements. A legal expert will guide you through the process, help you understand the legal implications, and ensure that the agreement complies with the laws of your state.

Full Financial Disclosure (4-6 Months Before the Wedding)

Complete financial transparency is vital for a prenup to be legally enforceable. Each partner should disclose all assets, debts, income, and any other relevant financial information. This step ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of each other’s financial standing and can make informed decisions during the negotiation process.

Identify Key Points and Goals (3-5 Months Before the Wedding)

With a clear understanding of each other’s financial positions, it’s time to outline the key points and goals you want to address in the prenup. Common areas covered include the division of assets and debts, spousal support or alimony, and the treatment of premarital assets in the event of a divorce.

Negotiation and Drafting (2-4 Months Before the Wedding)

The negotiation process begins, during which both parties work with their respective attorneys to reach mutually agreeable terms. It is essential to maintain open communication during this phase, as compromise and understanding will pave the way for a successful prenup. Once the terms are agreed upon, the attorneys will draft the prenuptial agreement.

Review and Signing (1-2 Months Before the Wedding)

Review the prenup draft carefully with your attorney to ensure that all the agreed-upon terms are correctly documented. Both partners must fully understand the contents of the prenup before signing it. Make sure to sign the agreement well before the wedding date to avoid any last-minute rush or pressure.

Finalize and Notarize (1 Month Before the Wedding)

After both parties have signed the prenup, it needs to be notarized to make it legally binding. The notarization process ensures that the signatures on the agreement are authentic and voluntary.


A prenuptial agreement can be an invaluable tool for couples who wish to approach their marriage with both love and practicality. By starting the prenup process early, engaging in open communication, and seeking legal guidance, you can create an agreement that protects your interests while reinforcing the trust and understanding within your relationship. Remember, each couple’s circumstances are unique, so it’s essential to tailor the prenup to suit your specific needs and objectives. Taking these steps will allow you and your partner to move forward into your marriage with confidence and peace of mind. The Law Office of Rebecca M. Medina will work closely with you to understand your circumstances, to explain your options, and to collect and examine essential information to ensure that a prenuptial agreement is reflective of both parties’ wishes. My team and I will guide you through the process and work to help you achieve your objectives.

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Rebecca MedinaAbout the Author: Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina is an experienced Family Law attorney, mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer serving the Fresno and San Diego areas. She handles cases ranging from complex divorce matters to child custody, spousal support, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, QDROs and uncontested divorce cases. She was rated “Clients’ Choice” by Avvo.

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