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Law Office of Rebecca Medina - Can I Recover the Down Payment I Made on My Home
Family Law

Can I Recover the Down Payment I Made on My Home?

If you are ending your marriage in Fresno and San Diego or elsewhere in California, you may be wondering if you are entitled to recoup the money you provided for a down payment on your family home.

fathers rights
Child Custody

Growing Divorce Trend: 5 Tips from Men Leading the Single Dads Movement

When getting a divorce, fathers often worry that they will be passed over for custody. In this post, Custody Attorney Rebecca Medina shares 5 tips for dads.

Law Office of Rebecca Medina - What is Parallel Parenting
Family Law

What is Parallel Parenting?

The main principle of parallel parenting is that each parent maintains an active and healthy one-on-one relationship with their child while interacting with his or her ex as little as possible.

Ugly Custody Battle
Child Custody

Practical Steps for Healing a Relationship With Your Ex After An Ugly Custody Battle

In this blog, fresno custody attorney Rebecca Medina shares tips for learning to co-parent in an effective and healthy way after a nasty custody battle.

Premarital Agreement
Family Law

4 Key Things to Know About a Premarital Agreement

People date, fall in love and focus on getting to know each other. When the dating evolves into a marriage proposal, then some tough conversations …

Silver Divorce In California

Silver Divorce: The Emotional Challenges for Divorcing Seniors

Those facing divorce in their senior or elderly years have unique challenges. In this post Fresno and San Diego divorce lawyer Rebecca Medina discusses silver divorce.

Co-Parenting and divorce

Divorce, Kids and Co-Parenting

A major question when parents’ divorce is how to best provide for the interests of their children. A parenting plan answers that question and gives …

Fresno and San Diego mediation attorney
Family Law

Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions

Family mediators can assist with separation, parenting schedules, divorce, alimony, and property division issues. Learn more in this weeks blog post.

QDRO and Divorce

QDRO: Do I Need One in My Divorce?

If you and/or your spouse contributed to an employer-sponsored retirement plan during your marriage and there is no prenuptial agreement changing the default rules, under …

Clovis California single parent tips
Family Law

10 Helpful Resources for Single Parents in Clovis, California

In this blog post, we share resources for single parents in Clovis, Ca to help relieve some of the stress and frustration that comes with single parenthood.

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