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Divorce And Business In Fresno, Ca
Business Owners

How Is A Business Divided In A Divorce?

In this blog post, Fresno, Ca divorce attorney Rebecca Medina covers one of the most pressing topics of divorcing spouses: the division of a business.

Divorce Negotiation

Important Tips When Negotiating in Your Divorce

The way you approach divorce negotiations can make a big difference to the outcome. Being prepared and strategic can improve your chances of success. These tips will help you devise an effective plan of action to reach the best settlement you can.

Divorce Options Workshop

Divorce Options Workshop – November 14th, 2020

Central Valley Collaborative Divorce is hosting a Divorce Options Workshop next weekend that educates and guides participants on the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of …

stressful divorce

10 Ways To Manage Stress Post Divorce

It’s natural to experience high levels of stress after getting a divorce. Learn more about managing this stress from divorce attorney Rebecca Medina.

Divorce checklist of questions to know the answers to when meeting with a divorce lawyer

Top 15 Questions a Divorce Lawyer May Ask You

You have your first consultation with your divorce lawyer. What do you need to know? The more prepared you are, the more productive the meeting will be. This document provides an outline of questions you should be ready to answer.

Divorce Cost

Divorce: How Much Will It Cost?

One of the first questions clients ask is, ”How much is this divorce going to cost?”  There is no easy answer to that question. Each …

fathers rights
Child Custody

Growing Divorce Trend: 5 Tips from Men Leading the Single Dads Movement

When getting a divorce, fathers often worry that they will be passed over for custody. In this post, Custody Attorney Rebecca Medina shares 5 tips for dads.

Advantages To Mediation

What the Mediation Divorce Process is Like in California for Parents

California encourages couples to engage in mediation to reach an agreement on divorce terms. If you have children, mediation is mandatory before you can take your child custody or visitation disputes to court.

How can you pursue your divorce through mediation? What should you expect out of the process? Understanding the basics of mediation in California can help you feel more confident in the process and its effectiveness to reach an equitable settlement.

How long will it take
Collaborative Divorce

Common Divorce Questions: How Long Will It Take?

One of the most common questions a divorcing client asks us (after “How much will it cost?”) is “How long will it take?” The answer …

Silver Divorce In California

Silver Divorce: The Emotional Challenges for Divorcing Seniors

Those facing divorce in their senior or elderly years have unique challenges. In this post Fresno and San Diego divorce lawyer Rebecca Medina discusses silver divorce.

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